Wife Doesn't Think Message On Car Asking For Kidney Will Work — Until She Gets A Call

572 views 22 August 2016
It's really hard to find a kidney donor when you know that somebody is dying. When this wife got to know that her husband didn't have much time left due to the kidney that was badly needed by him. She decided to write a message on her car because no donor was available at that time.

She had no idea that she would receive this call just because of a message on her car. Watch the video.

"As Jennifer's husband Peter began to slowly die in front of her, she wasn't about to just give up on him. In one last attempt to save his life, she wrote a message on their minivan begging anyone to donate their kidney. Finally, they got a call from a woman named Kelly who was willing to be a donor. 10 minutes later, Peter had a stroke."

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