When 101-Year-Old Mom Begs Son To Stop The Car, He Hits Record. Video Goes Viral Overnight

2200 views30 December 2016
When his 101-year-old mother asks him to do something, Armand knows better than to deny her. Having lived more than a century in the world, he knows that every second of her life now is extremely precious. It’s like a divine experience exploring the wonders of the world. 

Fortunately, Armand started filming and caught his elderly mother’s reaction when she experiences the purity of white snowfall in the mountains…

The experience started when Armand and his mother realized that it was starting to snow up in the mountains. They decided to go for a drive and experience it in person.

“A few kilometers from town we were right into it,” Armand explains in the video.

Determined to get back to town, Armand stops the car to turn it around. “But the door opens and out steps mom.”

“When you have a mother who is 101-years-old, it’s smart to keep a camera nearby for special moments. This is one of those.”

Watch as she pats the snow into a snowball. She can’t contain her glee as she does it.

“Oh my oh my look at this. A snowball.”

Then Armand’s mother takes the snowball back and launches at the highway sign.

“It’s kind of fun to play in the snow,” the centenarian says.

This moment caught on film reminds us about the beauty in our lives every moment of every day. We shouldn’t have to wait to be 101-years old to feel the joy like Armand’s mother. You can seize moments like this every day.

Some of the nearly two million viewers left hundreds of comments. Here are some of the most popular:

“This was a beautiful moment captured on video….you are very blessed!  Love her wonderful laugh! Ahh!!”

“You are a wonderful son and you have a wonderful mom! Health to you and your mom!”

“This beautiful lady is 101 years young….amazing!!!”

“She is the epitome of pure joy. You are blessed!”

“At 101 SHE BENT OVER AND PICKED UP SNOW to make a snowball. And then threw it! This made me laugh with a tear in my eye. My own mom is bedridden at 95 (because of an accident) and this is what she’d be doing if she were up and around. Love, love, love it. Thanks so much for sharing!”

At the start of September, Armand posted the following note in the comments of the video: “Mom will be 102 in a month. Maybe it’s time for another video. Lol”

How does this video make you feel? Does it inspire you to enjoy more moments in life?

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