She Gave Up Her Daughter In 1933. Decades Later, They’re Reuniting For The First Time

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Lena pierce was just fourteen years old when she gave birth to a beautiful daughter in 1933. The child was born in a hospital in Utica, New York, and Lena did her best to care for her for almost six months before the state stepped in and took her child away from her.

Determining that Lena was too young to be a good mother to the infant, the courts took her daughter away from her and placed her up for adoption.

During her life, Lena would indeed go on to raise a family, but the loss of her first born daughter haunted her for decades.

Her daughter, meanwhile had her name changed by her adoptive parents and was taken to Long Island to begin her new life. Born Eva May, the child became Betty Morrell, and grew up as the only child in a very loving home.

As a child, Betty would pretend to have imaginary brothers and sisters. She named them and played with them as if they were her real siblings.

Unfortunately, both of her adoptive parents died when she was in her early twenties. An Aunt disclosed that she was adopted, and had been born in Utica under the name Eva.

Armed with just this fragment of her past, she decided to search out and make contact with her birth mother. The arduous investigation took fifty years, before she was finally able to gain access to hospital records and her original birth certificate.

As the search continued, she discovered a half sister, with whom she began to correspond. Betty learned that her mother Lena was indeed still alive, and at ninety six years old, had never forgotten her or stopped loving her.

After five decades of searching and eighty two years apart, mother and daughter were finally reunited at a New York area airport. They embraced for an eternity, crying tears of joy and surrounded by a whole family Betty could have only previously hoped existed.

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Has your family ever had an adoption? Were birth and adoptive families able to reconnect? Share your stories with us here.

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