Mom chooses to have an abortion, but doctors are shocked when they hear a muffled cry

270 views 27 December 2016

When Melissa Ohden’s mother was nineteen-years-old and eight months pregnant with Melissa, she made a decision to have an abortion. As a teenage mother, she was not ready for the responsibility, so she went to the hospital to have a saline infusion for an abortion. This is a type of abortion that injects a toxic saline solution into the fluids surrounding a baby in the womb.

Melissa soaked in this toxic solution for the next 5 days. When her mother was induced into labor, everyone thought she was giving birth to a dead baby, but then a nurse heard a muffled cry. Melissa had miraculously survived the abortion, and the nurse determined that Melissa’s life was worth saving.

Fortunately, Melissa recovered from the saline infusion, and she was eventually adopted into a loving family. This video reminds us that abortion isn’t a statistic. It’s a true human being.

source: Shareably

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