Man tells his dog to 'play dead' on national TV. Dog does so in hilarious fashion

2640 views 26 December 2016

Bailey the beagle is quite remarkable. Not only is this dog incredible cute – just look at his adorable face! – he’s also very talented. In fact, Bailey can do one very specific trick really well.

He’s so good at it that David Letterman invited Bailey onto his nationally-televised show for the whole world to see.

Standing onstage with his owner, Bailey takes the classic “play dead” trick to a whole new level. I have seen dogs play dead. I have seen them roll over. But I have never seen a dog do what Bailey does. It’s so hilarious that it makes you wonder how Bailey and her owner came up with this trick. I am sure they are always wowing people with this incredible skill!

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Source: Shareably

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