Human Trafficker Admits to Killing Over 400 Children in Chilling Video Confession

172 views 24 April 2017
Human trafficking has been in existence for centuries. It is referred to as slavery in the olden times. And while slave trade has long been abolished, trafficking is still on the rise, with human traffickers forcing victims to do sexual favors or other services that are against their will.

Human trafficking is considered a major crime and that said, it is less likely for criminals to admit to their doings, except for one – who recently admitted in a filmed interview that he had sold thousands of children and killed hundreds that were unsuccessfully sold. About 20.9 million people worldwide fall victims to human trafficking, according to the International Labor Organization. What’s heartbreaking is that 26 percent of these people are children and 55 percent are girls and women.

"This guy is a monster"

Source: elitereaders

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