He Was Sick Of Squirrels Eating His Bird Feed, So He Sets Up A Trap. What The Squirrel Does? LOL

659 views 15 June 2017

When Andy Hageman’s was just a kid, his father always was frustrated with squirrels eating the seeds out of his bird-feeder. The food was supposed to go to feeding beautiful, majestic birds, not a bunch of squirrels with a big appetite.

But instead of shooing off the little critters like most people do, Hageman’s dad decided to create an obstacle course instead. He set up a camera, filled up the feeders and then waited. Just a few minutes later, squirrel Mission Impossible was a go and these little guys have some skills!

To get to the Hageman’s bird feeder, these little squirrels must first make it through an obstacle course of epic proportions. By adding spinning wheels, slippery wooden tubes and a long line of string, these is no chance these squirrels are getting an easy meal

Source: awm

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