Baby suffers fatal stroke - Family dogs refuse to leave baby's side

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As someone who’s lived with dogs their whole life, I always had the feeling that dogs had the innate feeling to pick up on a human’s feelings, no matter how bottled up they might be. Ask any dog owner and you’ll hear countless stories of these dogs and their sixth sense. Well in the following story, you’ll hear about two Basset hounds that provided the utmost care to an infant in need…

Mary and John Hall are a couple from Minnesota whose lives turned upside down when their five month old daughter, Nora, suffered a stroke that caused severe brain damage.

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To make matters worse, the doctors gave the Halls terrible news. Nora wouldn’t survive and the Halls would need to say their goodbyes to their baby girl. For the next month, while Nora was undergoing treatment without as much as a fighting chance, there were two members of the Hall family that never left her side.

No it wasn’t Mary and John Hall. It was Gracie and Grumpy, the Hall family’s two Basset hounds.

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As if Gracie and Grumpy knew exactly what was going on, these dogs showed their beautiful compassion by never letting Nora out of their sight. Even during Nora’s last moments, Gracie and Grumpy were there.

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Nora may no longer be with us, but rest assured that she’s now in heaven with the comforting fact that that Gracie and Grumpy will always be watching over her.

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